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Vibe Wins 2016 CRM Software Awards From FinancesOnline.com

One of the core use cases our customers use Vibe is to make their CRMs useful. Vibe, when working with a CRM, will enrich, append, update and maintain the contacts with absolutely no intervention need. Vibe essentially saves 70% of research time and at least 20% of data entry time for sales folks which means quite a lot for sales-driven organisations.

Our team at Vibe is always very proud of the effort and customer centricity we put into creating our solution. Our endeavour to assist teams and companies with a quality CRM service is not just a job for us, but a mission. Today we have a new reason to be proud of our efforts as Vibe was announced as the winner or the 2016 Rising Star Award from FinancesOnline, a popular business software review platform.

In our Vibe review the SaaS team responsible for granting the award reveals their positive experience with our software, especially with how the tool practically saves users from the mundane processes of gathering vital information about clients. They were also really impressed with Vibe being able to gather and aggregates tons of information about each contact.

Vibe was also the winner of the Great User Experience Award for best CRM software services listed in FinancesOnline review database. Our team is really happy that the work and time invested into making our service intuitive to use and pleasant to work with have been appreciated. The reviewers were especially impressed with the success rate, accuracy, and comprehensiveness of data delivered by Vibe.

We are just getting started. Lots more to come. Thanks for your support.

Arjun R Pillai
Co-founder and CEO, Vibeapp.co

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5 myths to be debunked for better sales

Sales is a complex function. No sale is as simples as pitch – agree – buy – pay. A successful sale is a result of lots of small and different factors that come together to achieve the result. Here are 5 sales myths you have to debunk for better sales.  Debunking these five myths can help your company’s sales and marketing departments to unite and work together.

1)     Sales are all about the numbers.

There exists a myth that more you sell, the more money you make. So numbers are a prominent part of salespeople. But to most successful salespeople the people or customers are more important. Treating each customer like a number won’t get you far, but creating and maintaining a positive, personable rapport with customers will. Understanding their needs and responding accordingly will make each of these relationships richer and result in better sales.

Sales is not just revenues

Sales is not just revenues – Pic from betweenthenumbers.net

2)    Marketing is not measurable.

Many salespeople tell you that marketing is in the dark when it comes to numbers. While this may have been true in earlier decades as today’s marketing is very data-driven.  With marketing automation, marketing teams are able to generate more quality leads the company can measure marketing ROI, and increase conversion rates and ultimately revenue.

3)    Marketing takes too long.

In a perfect world, marketing would launch a campaign or release new content and within a short span sales would have a massive incoming of quality leads. But while marketing wants nothing more than to be the answer to all of sales’ problems, marketing processes take time to be effective. So while it may seem like marketing is “taking too long,” it may help to adjust your time expectations.  A carefully executed marketing plan produces positive sales results continuously over a long period of time. Need better sales? invest in marketing too.

Sales vs Marketing

Sales vs Marketing – Pic from Uplone.com

4)    Sales understand the customers, so research is a waste of time.

It’s in the salesperson’s job description to know the customer. But over a certain period the customer and company changes. It is important to invest in customer research, including understanding their needs, demands and expectations, in order to provide exactly what they are looking for.

5)    Sales and marketing are independent.

If sales and marketing work as separate entities, messaging will be inconsistent and improper, content will be irrelevant and sales will confuse customers and prospects. Marketing needs feedback from sales, that is, what content is more effective and what is not and sales needs marketing to provide them with the most useful information to attract prospects for better sales.

Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing – Pic from Wineglassmarketing.com

Have thoughts? Add them in the comment.

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5 Motivational Sales Quotes that you should read today

Sales is one of those jobs where life is a sine wave. There are ups and downs, moments when you feel down when a getting a series of rejections, those overwhelming moments when you close a huge deal, those feelings when nothing seems to be working fine. All part of a sales person’s life!

We asked some of the users of Vibe about how they keep themselves motivated. There were so many answers that we will compile in different posts, but here are a few motivational sales quotes which our users suggested. Read them and save them on your desktop / mobile to keep your spirits up. Always. Happy selling.

Motivational Sales Quote

Motivational Sales Quote

Motivational Sales Quote

Motivational Sales Quote

Motivational Sales Quote

Motivational Sales Quote

Motivational Sales Quote

Motivational Sales Quote

Motivational Sales Quote

Inspirational Sales Quote


Do you have some motivational sales quotes that has inspired you always? Share them with us in comment and we will give you a beautiful wallpaper with the quote on it!

Happy selling. Be inspired.


PS: Want them in text? Here we go.

1) Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the salesman – not the attitude of the prospect.

2) There’s no lotion or potion that will make sales faster and easier for you – unless your

potion is hard work.

3) In sales, it’s not what you say; it’s how they perceive what you say.

4) So long as new ideas are created, sales will continue to reach new highs.

5) The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or

service fits him and sells itself.

6) Business has only two functions – marketing and innovation.

7) Marketing is what you do when your product is no good.

8) Money coming in says I’ve made the right marketing decisions.

9) There is no prize in sales for second place. It’s win or nothing. The masters know this and

strive for – they fight for – that winning edge.

10) A good salesman is one who can sell himself before selling his products.


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Are you a sales professional? 5 sales conferences you should not miss

Yes, sales people love conferences. They are the hot networking places with lots of relations built, cards exchanged and yes, deals made. Meet the biggest and best sales conferences that you should not miss as a sales person.

1)     Sales Hacker conference

Calling itself ‘a tech conference for B2B sales people’, this sales conference is not for those who are stuck in the mud — the event promises “educational, actionable, and relevant” talks without the “product pitches and fluffy stories.” Follow here.

Sales Hacker Conference

Sales Hacker Conference

2)     Dreamforce

This conference is held in San Francisco and is one of a major event for salespeople. Salesforce conference takes the city of San Francisco by force each year and promises to be no different. Keynote speakers include Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, Reid Hoffman, and Marc Andreessen.

With more than 150,000 attendees and 2000+ sessions, Dreamforce promises to be the mecca of all sales conferences.

Follow Dreamforce here.

Dreamforce 2013

3)     Inbound 

This conference is held in Boston.  Get your mind blown by Malcolm Gladwell and Guy Kawasaki, in the presence of media mogul Martha Stewart, and rock out to musical guest Janelle Monae.

Organised by Hubspot, the undisputed leaders in inbound marketing, Inbound promises to be one amazing learning opportunity to keep you ahead in the changing sales practices.

Follow Inbound here.

Inbound Conference

Inbound Conference

4)     Sales 2.0

This conference is held in Philadelphia, San Francisco, Boston, & Las Vegas.  With locations in Philadelphia, Boston, Las Vegas, and San Francisco, Sales 2.0 main focus is on the challenges and concerns of B2B sales and marketing executives.

Sales 2.0 Conference

Sales 2.0 Conference

5)     World series of sales

This conference is held in Washington, DC. This sales conference is one of the most anticipated conference events of the year. World Series of Sales brings together top producers to share ideas and learn new strategies to make the coming year their best ever.


Do you have more to add to the list? Let everyone know in the comments.

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The simplest guide to make your B2B sales deck 10x better

People are always confused on creating effective pitch decks for B2B Sales.

The fact is that there is no simple or perfect template for a B2B sales deck. Pitch decks vary according to the business and the audience. In my experience as a B2B sales person, primarily selling technology products, I have long searched for tips and tricks of building effective sales decks. The answer to my searches was this - There is no one stop place where you can find a set of rules that instantly make any B2B sales deck perfect.

However, there are certain simple, but effective points to keep in mind that will magically improve your B2B sales deck.  Here are some tips for creating an effective B2B sales deck. (Please note that I am talking about deck which will be used for presentation and not ones to be emailed. The latter differs a bit and can be shared in another post.)


  1. Keep it brief. Limit the number of slides to 8 to 12 maximum.
  2. Keep it simple. Don’t overload the slides with too many ideas. Keep to one single idea per slide.
  3. Talk what your listeners WANT to hear. How do I do that? Simple. Understand the audience before presenting. (At Vibe, we do  exactly this. Help you understand your prospects better.)
  4. Benefits or value proposition – Quantify whatever you can. Almost everyone in business likes numbers and thinks in numbers when making a buying decision. Wants them to buy from you? Talk numbers.
  5. Too many bullets are BAD. Don’t load your slide with bulleted text. Just use brief pointers to make your presentation precise.
  6. Don’t use too many animations. Ones that focus on particular point or are relevant to the texts are alright.
  7. As a rule of thumb, the smallest font size on the presentation should be half of the oldest person in the room (funny?). E.g.; If Chairman is 60, then the minimum font size is 30. Simply put, make the slides readable.
  8. Plan for questions and interruptions. If you have 30 minutes of meeting, prepare deck for 15 minutes (atleast all important slides). There will be breaks, questions, and interruptions which should be welcomed. You are there for a discussion and not for a monologue.
  9. Re-iterate. The main point that you want the audience to remember should be re-iterated. For this you can include the slide towards the end of the presentation.
  10. Call to Action’ – You MUST have an ask at the end of the pitch. You must be able to convey what you want to the audience.

NB: Slideshare and Scribd can help you with the deck. Not a design person? Tools like Prezi and Slidebean can be used. They allow you to write the content, select and template it, simple and easy. Do you think you can add more or do you disagree with anything mentioned here? Let me know in the comments and would be happy to include them in the post.

PS: This article has compiled tips and suggestions from the feedback emails and interactions with the users of Vibe.

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