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5 important factors for success in Marketing

by hello@vibeapp.co
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Marketing department is the life blood of every business. A good Marketing team generates better revenue for the business. You have a good technology, better financial goals and good management teams but without an effective and efficient marketing team, everything else is useless in your business. Everyone is familiar with the 4P’s of marketing .Product, Place, Price and Promotion. Sellers everywhere give importance to understand Product, Place, Price and Promotion.

5 important factors for a success Marketing

Here are the 5 important factors for success in Marketing

1. Social Media

Social Media Marketing

Now social media is considered as an important element of marketing and sales. Effective Marketing has always been about engagement first, Continue Reading

Blunders in job search

by hello@vibeapp.co
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This is a nightmare for any person who is searching for a job

The traditional outbound marketing strategies are becoming less effective. Society is tired of being marketed to, and people are better at blocking such things as email and phone calls. So we must change our strategies now. Using online marketing techniques helps to understand your customer more. More firms are now using online videos in social Medias like Facebook, Youtube etc. it’s a great way to communicate what you offer to the society. Using viral marketing technique helps to increase your market better. But if you don’t do it well, it can have a negative effect also.This is a nightmare for any person who is searching for a job.

Find out how to avoid the mistakes that can stall your search for the job of your choice. Continue Reading

‘Really Good Emails ‘ makes your email writing easy

by arjun@profoundis.com
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If you are a Startup or small organization, then you need some send bulk emails to your customers, leads, subscriptions etc. You have to send emails for alerts, activations, retention, engagement, on-boarding, promotions, updates and what not. It is such a pain to compose these emails from scratch. You have to think about text, tone, font, color, formatting, styles used and more. Each of our needs varies as per the business we are, the company culture we have etc. So what do we do when we need to write an email? Usual – We Google for samples/templates. But it is such a pain to find relevant ones from there as well.

This reason why I love Really Good Emails. http://reallygoodemails.com/

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 8.34.28 am

As you can see, they have got well arranged set of emails under each category. Under each category they have emails from different kinds of companies (different industry verticals as well). The site is arranged in a simple, intuitive way.  It also conveys the formatting, styles, images

I would love to see some analytics/statistics along with the templates – what are the relevant terms pushing the opening of email, what is the opening rate, did they do some A/B test etc etc. Really Good emails have been helping me to write some of my emails. Hope it helps you also. Cheers!


11 Tips to rock Networking

by arjun@profoundis.com
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You might have heard people saying, in today’s world, it is all about ‘Who knows you?’ CNN has estimated that 80% of jobs are never advertised and instead filled through networking and employee referrals. What does this point to? It means you need to have a network, which you can leverage when needed. So you need to Network. But how do start off a conversation with a total stranger?

I’m not an expert by any standard in this. However, there are certain tips, which you can try out.

  1. Find events around you – I use http://www.meetup.com/ wherever I go. There might be local social media groups as well.  If the event is not free, try being a volunteer or try to get a ticket through one of your connection.
  2. Do some homework – Have an idea of the people who might be there at the venue. It might be possible to get a list of people from the organizers prior to the event. Make a list of people with whom you would like to talk (you can’t talk to all 300/400 anyways).
    1. Prepare questions
    2. Be aware about current happenings around them
  3. Rule 1: 80% listening 20% talking.
  4. Be ready with your elevator pitch and brief pep talks: You will have to answer questions like ‘what do you do?’, ‘why are you here?’ etc. Have clear, concise readymade answers for all such questions. Keep it to 30 seconds. You don’t want to bore them.
  5. Go early for the event: It is easier to start off when there are fewer people. Even for others, you are the first person who they will see. Easy start. Right.
  6. Rule 2: If two/three people are in conversation and you approach them, if they turn their torsos only and not their feet, it means you are not welcome to join. If they turn their feet and torso together, they are keeping it open and would appreciate you joining the discussion.
  7. But what the hell will I start with??? – Remember this, people love talking about themselves and may be showing off a bit. So ask open ended questions like ‘so, what do you do?’ or ‘how did you choose this career?’
  8. Have sense of time: Don’t talk to one person for 1 hour. That destroys the purpose in most cases and you might irritate the other person. A conversation can end in 5-10 mins if you don’t see a clear reason why you and she should carry on.
  9. Some of very powerful questions you can ask:
    • In your industry, what changes have you observed in your career and how do you see it going forward?
    • What separates your company from X (his competitor)?
    • What advise would you give me if I want to follow your industry line?
    • How do you see your company’s culture? (Suitable for a CEO)
    • What do you do when not at work?

10. You are here to be social. Don’t expect business from each and every conversation. If business comes out, then well and good, else take the pleasure in having known a new person on this world. J

11. Lastly, once you are back from the event, drop a gracious follow up note to those people whom you talked to.

Networking is not a skill that everyone is born with. Even the best networker took his time, practiced and thus learned. What are your tips?

Vibe helps you to understand personal and professional background of people by simply hovering on their email ids. Use it for free to create Rapport with your contacts. 

Launching the Vibe Developer Partner Program

by jofin@profoundis.com
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Vibe is fast evolving as a platform for people data and connections. We launched the Vibe Developer API and have been getting amazing response from developers.

Vibe Partner Program

Now we are launching the developer partner program of Vibe with the aim of working with the tech rock stars out there to create more amazing applications.

What is the program?

We work with a limited number of exclusive partners to build applications that use people data and deliver specific value to businesses and individuals.  Each day we get requests from our users about interesting use cases and we are so overwhelmed by the responses so that we have more ideas that we can produce by ourselves.  

We want to open this opportunity floodgates to the fellow developers by partnering with them and help them build their own product with a customer validated business idea.

What do you get?

The selected partners get to work close with the team Vibe to create one cool application and take it out to the market. We provide:

1. Validated product idea to start building on (Yes we have done the customer validation already)

2. Development support - Our rock-star team will help you make one sexy and cool application

3. Marketing and Infrastructure – We help you get to host your app, market it and acquire users.

Come join us, you could be building a million dollar application! If you are interested in being part of the Vibe exclusive partner program, all you need to do is to drop an email to hello@vibeapp.co and let’s start talking. 

Jofin, Team Vibe