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How do I manage my email ?

by arjun@profoundis.com

I’m an email freak. That is one of the reasons why we found the problem statement of Vibe and built this. As we always say, we made Vibe for you and us. There are some other simple, yet effective strategies that I use to be on top of emails.

image courtesy: biz30.com

1 Minute replies

If I can reply the email in 1 minute, I will reply to the email even while I’m running to do something else. I don’t write big, attractive and flowery emails, just writes small (30 words), quick and to the point email. Whenever possible, I try to write with bullets or numbering to make it clear and short.

Snoozing emails.

All those emails, which I can’t act in 1minute, I will keep it as unread or snooze it for later. You can use Boomerang, followupthen or several other tools to snooze emails.

Clean follow-ups

Trust me. Nobody replies you the first time unless she/he is the needy. Mostly for startups, it’s the other way around. You are the needy. I used to use followupthen very effectively to schedule my follow ups. Now that Mailbox has come up with Mac app, Android, Iphone apps, I have switched to it. Though it is slightly buggy, I still use it because of ease of snoozing and following up emails.

Attack inbox from the Top to bottom

Yes, the bottom is the earlier email that you got. But if it is so important, trust me. It will come to the top (the other guys will send a reply/reminder). So the latest ones are the ones who needs your immediate attention.

Key words in email subjects or body

I will include key words in subject or email body to make sure the emails are searchable later. At times, it will not be possible to (or you will forget) to add keywords. In those cases, you write another email in the same thread to yourself so that you have all the necessary keywords there.

Email & Calendar

What I’m doing on  a day is decided by my calendar. For each commitment that I make, I will make sure that I have an entry in my calendar and email/mobile alert set up at proper time.

PS: I have heard that you should set a calendar entry for your marriage day, anniversary, her birthday etc. to avoid ‘catastrophe’. Thankfully I’m not yet there. J

Concluding- Email for me in a to-do. Whatever unread (this days in my main folder in Mailbox) is in my inbox means, those many items needs my attentions and work. So they are my tasks. If you tell me something on FB chat, there is a big chance that I will miss doing it. But if you send me an email, 9/10 times, I will complete the task.

Startups and Bloopers

by arjun@profoundis.com

As startups, it is pretty obvious that we will make bloopers. It might be because of misjudgements, miscalculations, technology flaws or any unforeseen reasons.  In our journey with Vibe, we have also made some (not many, yet). To make it even worse, some of them happened with paying customers. What did we do?

Courtesy: Digiwonk

  1. Prompt Action: Initial days of our monetization, we were testing our payment web-hook and somehow we charged from credit cards of a handful of our customers. When you receive money, you will get the payment gateway email. The first and second email made us happy (Yipeee, we got money), but third, fourth and fifth (we managed to stop it at five) made us realize that this is a ‘blooper’. The first and obvious action to be taken was initiate refund. We did it then and there.
  2. Prompt Communication:  One thing that really works is Prompt Communication . Customers always appreciate team who are responsive. I personally wrote to all the five customers of us apologizing for the error, and informing them about the initiation of refund. I was ready to take some small scale stingers. but surprisingly, I got emails with ‘That’s fine <Smileys>”. All of them still stick with Vibe as our paying customers.
  3. Way of Apology: Mean it when you apologize. Last week, we had a server issue for a brief time. The App didn’t retrieve information at that time. Couple of our users immediately wrote to us saying, ‘Vibe isn’t working. What happened?’.  We responded (remember point 2), rectified our error asap (point 1), and apologized. The apology should have elements of compassion, honesty and frankness. People always appreciate these.

Some quick points. Hope it helps. Happy Vibing!


Vibe for Business – Launching Vibe ZenDesk App

by jofin@profoundis.com

It has been a while since we launched Vibe for individuals and we are overwhelmed by the response we have been getting. Many of our early users came back to us asking us to expand the technology to the business realm.

We have been working hard on Vibe and now we are expanding to businesses as well. Vibe will soon integrate with your favourite CRM, recruitment and customer support systems. Here’s what we start with:

Vibe ZenDesk App

Vibe is now available as a ZenDesk App. Vibe works inside Zendesk to deliver accurate and holistic data about the customers who raises the ticket. The agent will understand the customers professionally and personally so as to deliver delightful experience.

Vibe ZenDesk App

Vibe for ZenDesk

Vibe Screenshot ZenDesk

Vibe for ZenDesk


Stay tuned for more! We aim at bringing in more integration to equip sales and customer support teams with one stop screen space to know everything about the prospect/customer.

If you would like to see Vibe integrating with your favorite CRM, please let us know here:

The Next BIG Thing – Vibe for iPhone

by arjun@profoundis.com

We envision to bring in context to communication and make our users more intelligent. The challenge with this is that, communication happens on different operating systems, tools, and platforms. So the moment we released Vibe, we started getting requests from our users asking for Vibe to work on more platforms. Obviously, many people asked for Vibe for iPhone. Today, we are happy and proud to release Vibe for iPhone. 

We have taken care to make it a very simple, good looking and intuitive app. We have prioritised the privacy of our users. As we know, Intro from LinkedIn ran into a lot privacy problems. We don’t want to scare our users and we always make it a point not to read/save anything more than we actually should. Our users wanted to type in an email and understand the person behind. Vibe for iPhone allows this simple, yet insanely useful feature.


You might have heard that Vibe is free for individual users since the other day. So this is like icing on the cake. So don’t wait more, rush to http://vibeapp.co/ and get your Vibe.

This is the first version of Vibe for iPhone. Despite our best efforts, there are possibilities of small bugs, other features you want to have etc, so please write to us at hello@vibeapp.co. Please tell about Vibe to your friends. Let them (and us) thank you for letting them know.

Direct Download Vibe for iPhone

Happy, Free and ‘Seamless’ Vibing!

Arjun Pillai
CEO, Team Vibe.